Branding 1-2-3: Our Partnering Process


A branding partnership is a thing of beauty. The client brings their expertise in their business — the details, vision and driving enthusiasm for what they do. And we bring our expertise in small business and strategic design to create a rich and cohesive brand. Together, we make something that stands out in the crowd.

How do we partner, you might ask? At Fairswell, we structure a branding partnership in three phases:

Phase I . Strategy

  • Discovery: We start with listening to your vision, origins and magic, so we can craft a brand that tells the right story to your audience.
  • Strategy: A clear strategy keeps all of us on the same path. We synthesize a strategy document honing in on how you connect with your audience, as well as a mood board conveying the look and feel of your brand.

Phase II . Development

  • Design: Concepting is the critical first phase of our one-concept approach. We dedicate significant time to exploring a variety of design directions, before delving into the most powerful solution for a comprehensive brand.
  • Refine: Everyone evaluates the concept using the brand strategy, identifying specific refinements to best resonate with the audience — while also making sure you’re over the moon about it.
  • Build-out: Based on the project scope, we fill out the brand with collateral and enhancements such as icons, patterns, and textures.

Phase III . Launch

  • Delivery: With final approval, we package up all design files and tools to successfully launch the brand, plus your customized style guide including details and guidelines for putting your brand to work. We’re happy to consult with developers and other creatives to ensure consistent implementation.

  • Celebrate: Now that you have everything you need to share your work with the world, it’s time to put your brand to work on social media, your website, or wherever your target audience hangs out.

We always recommend raising a glass of something bubbly to a job well done. Cheers!