Get Out of Your Sweats: Branding as Getting Dressed


We first stumbled upon the “getting dressed” analogy while huddled over coffee with a client on a chilly January day, digging into her brand strategy. She was doing so many things right — killer customer experience, rich client relationships, reliable and genuine services — but sometimes she didn’t feel she was taken seriously by the clients who would pay top dollar for her great services. Especially being in a service business, she found herself walked all over one too many times and felt pressure to cave to client demands. Plus, she wanted to raise prices but wasn’t sure how to do it.

Something sounded familiar. Brittany had recently decided it was time to invest in new work clothes, and the parallel clicked: our client was doing great work, but she was doing it in her sweats. She needed to get dressed.

We liken branding to getting dressed, because both are empowering and both require an investment. Walking into a room and realizing you’re underdressed lowers your confidence, distracts you and everyone you’re speaking with, and sends all the wrong signals. It’s not something you’ll usually do twice. The same is true for sub-par branding.

But when you’re dressed? You command the attention of those you approach. You are remembered for the quality of who you are. You can shine.

The time, energy, and money it take is a true investment. But it’s one we make because we take our work seriously, and we want others to do the same.

We love our sweats as much as anyone. But imagine what might be possible if you slipped into something that says, “Hey there, I’m ready to rock your world. Let’s go.”