A Word is Worth a Thousand Words: The Beauty of the Typographic Logo

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Shortly after honing the brand strategy and starting the concepting process for a new branding project, we face a critical design question: what type of logo will we create?

In the world of brand design, there are two basic categories of logos: typographic and pictorial. With each one, you’re relying primarily on either words or images within the design. Identifying the right approach early on streamlines the creative process, which — as we’ve learned — means better results.

The idea of a typographic logo can sometimes be counterintuitive. Isn’t “logo” synonymous with an image of some kind? As it turns out, not always. Some of the most iconic and enduring brands use typographic logos. Think Visa, Coca-cola, and Google.

Typographic logos have become increasingly popular in recent years. They can be a strategic move for branding projects of any scope and in any industry. We’ve compiled some of our favorites over on Pinterest. Take a look!

So, why opt for a typographic logo?


For many brands, a typographic mark allows them the most flexibility. Particularly for new brands that envision lots of possibilities for their business as it develops, it allows for growth over time.


When a brand name poses some pronunciation challenges, a typographic logo can help overcome those by presenting the name in a way that puts the emphasis on the right syllable.


Typographic logos have had a resurgence in recent years. They place the brand’s key signifier right at the very center of the brand. It keeps graphics simple, avoiding lots of additional pieces when space is limited.

Ultimately, choosing the right type of logo for your brand involves balancing many different factors to tell your story well. Working with a designer who listens to your strategy and designs a brand that will bring your vision to life helps cut through the clutter of options.