Girl Friday

Girl Friday creates fun learning experiences for women who enjoy acquiring new skills in good company — from knife skills to ramen making to flower arranging. Girl Friday’s brand strategy focuses on the tensions of unassuming + cool, whimsy + wonder, and grown-up celebrations + connections.

GF Greeting Card PSD MockUp.jpg

A typographic logo embodies this experiential brand with custom type referencing handmade work, art deco, polished brass, and a smile. The secondary mark asks, “What will be awarded the Girl Friday stamp of approval?” A set of four custom icons and two original patterns provide flexibility and depth for a brand that’s always got a fun new idea up its sleeve.

GF-Secondary Logos.png
You took an idea I’ve been kicking around for a long time and gave it life. You heard things about this new idea that I never even vocalized and ran with it! These visuals capture the spirit of my business. So basically, you branded my brain.
— Whitney Porter, Girl Friday