PupperScruff is a pet care business driven by great client relationships in DC. After five successful years in Northwest DC, they were ready to expand to Northeast with a formal brand identity.

Their brand centers around cozy and nostalgic playfulness, approachable professionalism, and reliable neighborliness. Inspired by the marriage of Joanna Gaines’ classic Magnolia Home and Wes Anderson’s quirky Moonrise Kingdom, Pupperscruff’s logo system comprises several iconic elements. The playful pup stood out from the pack with his angular frame, spry sense of adventure, and curious nose. We named him Rufus and let him have his fun.

Brand Showcase- Xylo.jpg
I can’t say enough about working with Fairswell — their design work, open-mindedness, and business acumen is second to none. The research they did on my company and its goals were fantastically thorough, resulting in a logo system that gives me the polished and cohesive brand identity that I was missing. They’re amazing ladies, and great at what they do!
— Annie Wolfson, PupperScruff